Kirsten Pierce doesn’t think she’s funny. Not in a classic stand-up sort of way.

   And her father, she says with a shrug, doesn’t get her humor at all. 

   But those weekly newsletters she writes for Fort George Brewery? They’re always tongue-in-cheek amusing, and sometimes downright hilarious. 

   While nearly all breweries play their beer announcements straight, Pierce has been given the green light to get a little weird. Okay, a lot weird.

   The “resident humorist” recently wrote about a group of starving filmmakers who’ve been living in a storage room above the brewing tanks and produced a 15-part Netflix documentary series. The account was linked to Netflix and a video on Instagram. 

   Loads of readers thought it was true and headed en masse to Netflix, but it was just an elaborate April Fool’s joke. 

   Pierce, of course, loved the reaction. (As did just about everybody at Fort George).

   For more about Pierce and her beer-related humor, read the Thirsty Growler column in The Astorian.


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