Reach Break Brewing, known for its sunny patio dotted with picnic tables, now boasts an enviable winter space as well.

The downtown Astoria brewery has doubled the size of its taproom, expanding into the former home of Reveille Ciderworks.

The new room seats another 40 people and boasts a 74-inch TV and four-stool bar. 

“We’re just really excited about everything – having more indoor space and having something that’s a little different vibe than our current taproom,” says Reach Break founder and head brewer Josh Allison, who did most of the remodeling himself. 

“It’s been a lot of work, but very rewarding watching it take shape.”

Josh Allison takes a moment to enjoy the soft opening.

The hard cider business moved out in 2022, changing its name to Fortune & Glory Cider Co. and taking residence in a bigger spot about a block away owned by Fort George Brewery.

Allison named his new space The Tributary Room in keeping with the brewery’s nature theme. It will be available for special events, but mostly serve as a mellow hangout.

During mild weather, twin glass-and-metal doors facing the patio can be rolled up. Oak whiskey barrels repurposed as bistro tables are mixed in with other furniture, echoing the adjoining original taproom. 

While beer is the obvious focus, the expansion also allows Allison to increase his selection of Oregon and Washington wines. 

“We’re going to stay local, in the Pacific Northwest,” he says.

The Tributary Room is open now, with a formal kickoff scheduled for Nov. 25 – just in time for the holiday season and company Christmas parties.

Reach Break’s Danyel Smirl gets stools ready for the new space.

Reach Break now has the space to hold events without crowding out regulars, something Allison observed during the brewery’s popular weekly trivia nights. While the new room has a separate public entrance, there’s a handy passageway linking the taprooms for beertenders.

Four food trucks offering a variety of cuisine ring the patio. Allison says the operators are enthusiastic about the expansion’s potential to lure more customers and boost off-season sales.

The Duane Street location dates back to the 1960s, when it served as a used car lot owned and operated by Astoria’s Lovell family. 

Founded in 2017, Reach Break brews a range of beers and hard seltzers in various fruit flavors.

From left, Allison and employees Tracy Phinney and Kiki DeWald, with food truck operators Alma, Tor and Jukim.


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