We live in a pop-up world. 

Pop-up restaurants. Pop-up stores. Pop-up concerts. 

But a pop-up arcade?

You betcha.

The folks at Fort George Brewery have a gift for Astorians (and visitors) that will last the entire month of February. They’re stuffing truckloads of video game and pinball machines into the Lovell Showroom off Duane Street, turning the lecture spot into an instant arcade.

The best part: It’s all free. No tokens or coins necessary.

Technically, the arcade is part of the brewery’s annual Stout Month celebration, the heart of which is the sold-out Festival of Dark Arts on Feb. 17.

Fort George is renting 16 machines from QuarterWorld Arcade in Portland, which calls itself an “arcade and pinball paradise.”

The shipment due to arrive Jan. 31 includes seven pinball machines featuring assorted superhero and blockbuster movie themes.

Also coming are a pair of sit-down driving games, plus an array of classics, including NBA JAM, Altered Beast, Centipede and Ghost ’n Goblins.

The NBA JAM machine at Gizmo’s Arcade in Astoria.

The Lovell arcade will be open to all ages during regular taproom hours (except for Dark Arts, which is 21 and older) and is sure to be a bright spot during a dark and gloomy month. 

Food and drink will be available to gamers. Especially stouts. 

Marketing Director Brian Bovenizer, a pinball enthusiast who came up with the arcade idea, figures Stout Month should live up its name and be a monthlong celebration. Or in this case, 29 days.

“We want to make sure there’s fun things going on,” he says. “I’m super-excited.”

Stay tuned for info about special stout releases and other festival-related updates.


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