North Coast craft breweries do more than make great beer. 

   They support a long list of nonprofits and civic groups in their communities and around the state.

   Pelican Brewery based in Pacific City is another major donor, contributing directly to a number of nonprofits and sponsoring events and programs. 

   Fort George Brewery and Buoy Beer Co. will set records for charitable giving this year – and that’s just the money part. They also sponsor groups, provide free space for community events, raise public awareness of important issues, and donate time and labor for beach cleanups and other projects aimed at keeping the region beautiful.

   But it’s not just major breweries giving back. Many microbreweries in the region have released “benefit beers” that raise money for worthy causes. 

Two North Coast beers that give back to worthy causes.

   Why do breweries feel it’s so important to give back?

   “We believe it’s not just about craft beer, it’s about our dedication as members of the community. We feel it’s really important to support the community we live in,” says Alexandra Pallas, Pelican’s brand marketing manager. “It’s at our core DNA.”

   What’s happening here is being echoed across the country. Craft breweries in the U.S. donate tens of millions of dollars every year, releasing thousands of benefit beers with a portion of proceeds going to charitable organizations.

    Read all about breweries making a difference in the Thirsty Growler column appearing Aug. 3 in The Astorian.

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